Invest Day Ltd - - 100.10% after 1 hour, deposit included; HYIP monitoring

Invest Day Ltd - 100.10% after 1 hour, deposit included;

Start Date: November 29, 2022

Min Spend: 20 USD / 100 USD

Running: 130 days

Min Payout: 0.1 USD / 10 USD

Monitoring: 129 days

Referral: 0.05 - 25%

Income: 72% per month

Status: SCAM since Apr 8, 2023

Invest Day Ltd: review, payouts, status, RCB, monitoring

Invest Day Ltd ( / - is a completely legal company with official registration in England, which was done by the lawyers of INVEST DAY LTD. The company's official registration number: 14504585 and address: Hatton Garden 5th Floor, Suite 23, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 8LE.

Our mission is to empower INVEST DAY LTD users with advanced algorithms from the data science community, allowing them to increase their profits. INVEST DAY LTD provides these tools in a user-friendly manner. From advanced charts and classic technical indicators to sophisticated statistical models, crowd-sourced inputs and machine learning algorithms based on media monitoring and sentiment analysis, the INVEST DAY LTD platform is a place where anyone can become a currency trader without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Digital has become very successful.

Marketing and earning conditions Invest Day Ltd:
🔹 100.10% after 1 hour, principal deposit is included in the profit - (only 2 deposits per month is allowed), from 20 USD / $100 - Crypto
🔹 The earning strategy here is to reinvest the deposit amount each time before making a profit.

⚡️ We recommend ONLY the first plan and a deposit up to $100 (maximum). Do not pay attention to other plans. Payments are available only on the first plan.

▶️ Min. deposit Invest Day Ltd - $20 for ePayCore and $100 for crypto to $200,000 depending on the investment plan you choose. To find out the required amount to invest, use the profit calculator on our website.
▶️ Payment systems - ePayCore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, BNB, BEP20, Ethereum, ERC20, Ripple, DogeCoin and Dash.

▶️ Min. payout Invest Day Ltd - 0.1$ ePaycore FOR CRYPTO 10$ - (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, BNB, BEP20, Ethereum, ERC20, Ripple, DogeCoin and Dash).
▶️ Withdraw fee is 1% for ePayCore and $1 for Crypto.

▶️ Type of payments - Instant

⚡️ Affiliate Program Invest Day Ltd - 0.05 - 25%
⚡️ ORDER RCB-bonus (Referral Commission Back) -

♻️ Under this Invest Day Ltd review, you can see the latest investor payouts.
♻️ Support:

Company number: 14504585
Address: Hatton Garden 5th Floor, Suite 23, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 8LE
Phone: +44 20 8144 6353
Feedback form on the website

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The project does not pay, scam or closed

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