Happy Days Investments Ltd - daysinvestments.ltd - +0.5% After 1 Day; HYIP monitoring

Happy Days Investments Ltd - +0.5% After 1 Day;


Start Date: July 18, 2022

Min Spend: 10 USD

Running: 247 days

Min Payout: 0.1 USD / 20 USD - Crypto

Monitoring: 246 days

Referral: 1%

Income: 30% per month

Status: SCAM since Mar 22, 2023

Happy Days Investments Ltd: review, payouts, status, RCB, monitoring

Happy Days Investments Ltd (daysinvestments.ltd) - provides highly liquid, secure, decentralized investments and trading platforms along with investment programs to increase client's net worth and profits. Facilitates access to innovation by educating investors and traders on the most advanced investment tools and dynamic techniques.

Happy Days Investments Ltd provides a user-friendly environment for investors to easily get started and enjoy the power of DEFI, NFT and more assets in one place.

Our mission is to facilitate investors' access to sustainable profits on the most advanced investment tools and dynamic techniques.

Investment marketing Happy Days Investments Ltd and tariff plans:
✅ 100.5% After 1 Day (2 deposits per seasons) - (principal deposit is included), from $10
✅ 110.0% After 10 Days (2 deposits per seasons) - (principal deposit is included), from $10

⚡️ We recommend ONLY the first or third plan and a deposit up to $100 (maximum). Do not pay attention to other plans. Payments are available only on the first or third plan.

▶️ The minimum deposit amount for ePayCore is $20 and for Crypto is $100.
▶️ Payment systems - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether, Tron, ePayCore, Binance Coin

▶️ The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $ 0.1 for ePayCore. Please note that for cryptocurrencies this amount is - $10 (instant). All cryptocurrency transactions are processed after 3-6 network confirmations. 1% fee on ePayCore and 1$ fee on Crypto is applied.
▶️ Happy Days Investments Ltd type of payments - Instant

⚡️ Affiliate Program - 1% - 55%
⚡️ ORDER RCB - https://cryptohyip.net/account/refback

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The project does not pay, scam or closed

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