Carnelian12 - - 12% daily for 12 business days HYIP monitoring

Carnelian12 - 12% daily for 12 business days

Start Date: November 11, 2022

Min Spend: 12 USD

Running: 208 days

Min Payout: 1 USD

Monitoring: 176 days

Referral: 5 - 2 - 1%

Income: 80.7% per month

Status: SCAM since Jun 7, 2023

Carnelian12: review, payouts, status, RCB, monitoring

Carnelian12's ( - primary activity is trading digital assets. Our traders utilize short positions, automated tools, and powerful compounding algorithms to achieve the best results, often providing rapid profits within seconds. Our high-frequency trading combines artificial intelligence trading systems and human strategies to maximize returns.

The rise of NFTs, which combine art value collection and digital technology, has breathed new life into cryptocurrencies and has led to smart upgrades in our yielding mechanism. Proprietary tools enable us to stay ahead of the online investment market, positioning Carnelian12 at the forefront of the industry.

Investment marketing Carnelian12 and tariff plans:
✅ 12% daily for 12 business days, deposit included - $12

⚡️ While investing can potentially yield high returns, it is important to approach it with caution and carefully consider the risks involved. It is recommended to only invest reasonable amounts and to be aware of the potential risks. The website appears to have a simple tariff plan and a working marketing strategy that may be convenient for investors. Additionally, it is recommended to order payouts regularly and only invest up to a maximum of $1000.

▶️ Min. deposit in Carnelian12 - $12

The minimum amount is low. Only 12 USD gives you the opportunity to earn in this project to make a profit every day. In addition, this project does NOT block even large amounts of deposits! And it is rare now to find a high-quality investment project.

▶️ Payment systems - Bitcoin, Tether-TRC20, Tron TRX

The list of payment methods can be expanded as the project develops. But now we see the most popular payment systems. Every investor can use these cryptocurrencies. Everyone has wallets of these currencies. And it's convenient.

▶️ Min. payout from Carnelian12 - $1. The cryptocurrency is always equal to this amount at the current exchange rate.

It is good to know that the minimum amount for payment is low in this HYIP, which can be a plus for investors. However, it is important to keep in mind that the low minimum payment amount may also indicate a higher risk involved. As mentioned earlier, it is important to invest only reasonable amounts and be aware of the potential risks. It is also important to ensure that the payment wallet is correctly specified in the account settings to avoid any issues with payment processing.

▶️ All withdrawal transactions are processed semi-automatically and may take 24 to 96 Business Hours to deliver (weekend time adds +48h).

After ordering the payout, you will see a timer with a countdown. When this timer ends, the money will be credited to your wallet. Everything is simple. Keep track of the payout timer in the Statistics menu. At the same time, you can order up to 4 payouts at once.

⚡️ Affiliate Program - 5 - 2 - 1%

As always, you can increase your profit in the affiliate program. Here is a favorable percentage for partners at 3 levels of the structure (5 - 2 - 1%). From each deposit of the invited investor, you will immediately receive 5% of the amount of his deposit! And also 2 - 1% at the second and third levels of the partner structure. That's great! You don't even need to have your own deposit. It is enough just to advertise the affiliate link of this project.

⚡️ ORDER RCB-bonus (Referral Commission Back) -

Have you made a new deposit? Be sure to order a bonus from our blog! We will pay you 50% of the affiliate profit received. And there are no restrictions on deposit amounts and profit amounts. The more you invest, the more bonuses we will give you back!

✉️ Contacts:
+ Support form on the site

♻️ Under this Carnelian12 review, you can see the latest investor payouts.

The latest and most recent reviews and payouts are only on our website. We constantly monitor what the site pays investors. While the status of PAYS is indicated here at the top of the review, the project is verified to pay. If there are any difficulties or problems, we will immediately inform you about it in this review.

🔥 Add our site to your browser bookmarks (CTRL+D) so as not to lose us. You can always invest only in really paying sites. We select the best HYIP-projects and monitor their condition every day!

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The project does not pay, scam or closed

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Reviews and Comments


February 27, 2023 16:50

2.5 USDT
2023-02-27 16:22:06


February 27, 2023 16:50

2023-02-27 12:02:15


February 28, 2023 15:08

100 USDT
2023-02-28 15:07:30


February 28, 2023 21:17

9.4 USDT
2023-02-28 20:39:27


February 28, 2023 23:05

8.55 USDT
2023-02-28 22:59:06


March 11, 2023 20:25

#Friday report at C12

• C12.NET security bridge installed, adjusting settings before full migration.
• Essential Email Notifications Enabled.
• Password Restore function improved.
• Platform Management Panel Improvements.
• Minor Patches & Fixes.

C12 Script Runs Stable at:

Days online: 119
Users joined: 4342≈
Funds deposited: $1,686,200≈


March 18, 2023 03:25

🔹 #Friday report at C12

🔹 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) enabled via the Google Authenticator App.
( this Security Feature in your Account Setting (
Note, that C12 2FA will replace your Security PIN when synchronized with the application.
Your PIN will be required only when 2FA is disabled.
Important: Keep your Authentication Key Safe!
Do not forget, remember it! We will not be able to restore this data if lost!

🔹 Upline Data can only be added if a user has signed up with no referrer. An existing upline cannot be replaced with another. Please, always double check!

🔹 Minor bug fixes and patches.

All and all, C12 Works Stable at:

Days online: 126
Users joined: 5,372≈
Funds deposited: $2,215,600≈


March 20, 2023 22:09

0.00026028 BTC
2023-03-20 12:07:22 UTC


March 20, 2023 22:09

0.00029631 BTC
2023-03-20 14:41:53 UTC


March 21, 2023 22:06

2.97 USDT
2023-03-21 21:11:18


March 21, 2023 22:08

0.00029851 BTC
2023-03-21 18:21:41 UTC


March 22, 2023 14:37

0.00164491 BTC
2023-03-22 11:10:13 UTC


March 25, 2023 01:56

#Friday report at C12

• Payout Wallet Change Setting Simplified and Secured.🔐
Right of this moment if you want to update your payout credentials, edit your existing wallets at your Settings section via the moderation approval window.
Our Security Team will confirm and clear up your request shortly by checking your logs and data required without long waits or manual verifications.
• Payout Waiting Timer has been Reduced to 24h for all withdrawals up to $300 (48h previously)
As of today all of your requests up to $300 will be paid off within 24 business hours. Explore FAQ ( to learn more.
• New Merchant Bulk-payout Processing, resulting in fewer fees, higher speeds, and more income for the platform itself = more staff and more high quality coffee for the top management.
• Further increased ticketing resolution with new trusted staff deployed.
• C12 Client Feedback Channel created @c12feed.
We search and collect all of the unique existing Video & Blog Reviews, the best content will get pinned.
Subscribe now ( to stay in tune with the global expansion!

Carnelian12 Works Good at:

Days online: 133
Users joined: 6,480≈
Funds deposited: $2,900,100≈


March 27, 2023 16:26

9.18 USDT
2023-03-27 15:46:36


March 28, 2023 20:15

0.00039387 BTC
2023-03-27 23:35:24 UTC


March 28, 2023 20:16

0.00101877 BTC
2023-03-28 12:32:07 UTC


March 29, 2023 16:53

0.00276247 BTC
2023-03-29 11:13:23 UTC


March 29, 2023 19:57

❗️C12 Security Reminder❗️

The One & The Only Official C12 Telegram Group:
Platform Members Only, moderators at watch!

✍🏼 Trusted Telegram Sources
(Client Support & News Channel)

If somebody contacts your OUTSIDE of this list, it is a scam or phishing attack.

Be aware, simply block and do not communicate with anyone besides @c12support


April 02, 2023 12:36

100 Business Days Reached.
1200% ROI Paid.
8 Full Cycles & Counting.

Enjoy your Weekends with!

No Promises, but Profits.
Since 2022.


April 07, 2023 22:33

#Friday report at C12

• Public Data Removal Privacy Feature added. Access it via the C12 Shields (right side popup at your Dashboard) Feature hides all the public transaction data or other sensitive information of your operations.

• Affiliate Fraud Prevention System Deployed & Improved. Avoid accessing your partner's accounts via a single IP address or device. If your profile has a shared access point or a similar pattern related to another user within the community, the C12 mechanism might temporarily freeze your actions.

Address Client Support ( to lift the restriction if present.

• Deposit QR Code added. Click on "Show QR Code" while paying your deposit invoice. (3 hours till the release)

• Deposit Invoice 4 Hours countdown timer added. Always pay from your Private Cold Wallet, and avoid direct deposits from an exchange service.

• Login from Email Allowed.

• Downlines Email Search Deployed.

• Various bugs & fixes, visual patches.

Next Week Scheduled

• New Powerful Server Migration
• Big Dashboard improvements with new Self-Check systems.
• Captcha and Bot-Check functions enhancements.
• Ease of Use UI assistants.

❗️Important! DO NOT SEND MONEY to any accounts on telegram pretending as an official support team. We will NEVER ask you to send us funds! Be Aware!

✍🏼 Join Trusted Telegram Sources
(There are NO other links!)

C12 Systems Operational at:

Days online: 147
Users joined: 9,091≈
Funds deposited: $4,815,000≈


April 09, 2023 14:03

✅ We remind you.
✅ There are no profit accruals on weekends.
✅ And there are no payments on weekends.
✅ Only on working days (Monday - Friday)!


April 11, 2023 10:39

0.00154494 BTC
2023-04-11 05:33:08 UTC


April 22, 2023 05:15

#Friday report at C12

• 🪡 PIN Reset Self-Check is now available at your C12 Aids. If you forgot your Security PIN you should request a reset procedure. Click on the right-side orange popup at your Dashboard, fill-up the form, and wait for moderation success.
Pin Reset is an essential financial security feature and may require an extended verification of your profile logs and data. It can take up to 4 Business Days.
Please keep your new PIN Safe! It is important!
• 🤳C12 Promo Files Package Introduced (Social Media & Presentation Jpegs) and is now available to download at:
Do not download this Zip archive from anywhere else!
• 🇿🇦Impressive Expansion in South Africa has just brought us new Intercontinental 12 Tiers Africa Leader @StefanRoodt (You may request access to a separate C12 All Africa Group (only for South Africa Continent Users).
• Statistics now has the all new "My Rewards" tab, displaying all the 5-2-1% Affiliate Rewards commissions from all the user's investments.
• C12 Client Support Staff new security measures and rules enforced. No Images, files, or snapshots are allowed via email assistance.
Duplicating a request will place the ticket at the lowest priority.
Saying "Hi" is lovely, but not accepted without any details on the inquiry.
• Minor bugs and patches here and there, countless bug fixes as usual.

Next Week Scheduled
• Dashboard UI Light/Dark Beta release.
• Maximum one-time investment limit increase.

Stop chit-chatting with accounts on telegram pretending as an official support team. We will NEVER ask you to send us money! Block anyone who's addressing such offers.
Support is ONLY @c12support

📢 Join Trusted Telegram Sources
(There are NO other links!)
@c12net (Official News & Updates)
@c12feed (All Video Reviews posted)

C12 Systems Operational at:

Days online: 161
Users joined: 13,700≈
Funds deposited: $8,690,000≈


April 30, 2023 05:32

#C12 #Carnelian12
$12M+ Deposited & Counting...
No Promises, But Profits...
Since 2022


May 02, 2023 05:25

0.00255508 - Bitcoin BTC


May 04, 2023 04:54

31.95 USDT TRC20
2023-05-04 04:35:33


May 10, 2023 09:59

2023-05-10 06:43:27


May 11, 2023 03:25


Due to all the community requests and complaints on blockchain confirmation delays with outrageous fees taken by the network, we've developed a quick yet effective method of reinvesting the available balance without spending money on transaction commissions and wasting time before you make another investment with C12.

This feature has been deployed before the upcoming Friday update, celebrating our 6 Months anniversary on May 12th.

To reinvest your funds, click on the "REINVEST" button beside your Available Balance.
Follow up the procedure just like with a regular deposit.

🧘🏻To Enforce Platform's Financial Ecosystem, right when you input the sum, the system will add a Processing Timer Countdown similar to your Withdrawals, before this new balance investment goes active and demands profit from C12 trading mechanisms.

• This method is not a direct Compounding but will remove the need to withdraw your funds before creating another deposit.
• Reinvestment will not become active right away, as it will have to go through a timer similar to payouts before adding as a new deposit, timing regimen is value-based as per withdrawals at FAQ ( It will take from 24 to 96 Business Hours to deploy. (<$300 24h, $300-500 48h, $500-1000 72h, >$1000 96h)
• Rapid Reinvest aimed to save up on fees in the first place, thus you will get all the Affiliate bonuses similar to a regular investment.
• You can place up to 3 Active Reinvests at a time.

Try it out and navigate your STATISTICS, "My Reinvests" to keep a closer look at your re-deposits!

🔺The Feature has already been set active, yet it might be restricted or deactivated in the future after the blockchain network goes stable with fees.


May 12, 2023 11:01

🎂Congratulations to all new and old Carnelian12 members with our first, but certainly not the last - Full 6 Months Anniversary!

182 Days ago, November 12, 2022, we launched a website that offers 12% Daily for 12 Business Days. It seemed impossible for all, yet only because the idea of C12 carries a mission, we have already delivered more than 2100% ROI, with more than 26,000 users across the globe! Yet this is only a beginning...

The team Carnelian12 deeply appreciates your constant feedback! Without your support, work at this scale can become unimaginable for such a small yet dedicated crew of professionals.
We are here to stay and equalize the influence of the Global Elite to bring the Financial Power back to you! ⚔️

The world might shake, and commissions may rise, yet C12 is here to stay!
Not a member yet?
Get Started...


May 12, 2023 16:16

149.69 USDT TRC20
2023-05-12 15:05:06


May 12, 2023 17:58

177.46 USDT TRC20
2023-05-12 17:41:06


May 12, 2023 22:35

#Friday report at C12

• Available Balance Reinvest Feature Added. Designed for saving fees & smoother re-depositing operations, this option brings a long-awaited direct balance reinvestment.
Explained in detail here...
• 🔺Maximum One-Time Deposit transaction limit Increased from $30K to $60,000. The limit per individual is set now at $200,000.
• C12 Toolset Redesigned. All of our Socials links, Privacy & Security Features, Self-Check PIN Reset, Missing Deposit Form, and Wallet Change are now located in the right-side white toolbox with the animated gear.
• Detailed New Timezone Editor added (final tuning, ETA 7 hours)
• 20+ New Representatives assigned. Apply for an upgrade if you have 20+ members 1st tier, with a total team turnover at $100K requirement met.
• Representative Badge added to the username at your Dashboard at all times. (If activated)
• USA Continent Live Webinars started with Intercontinental Leader Terrence Pounds, watch the Recording at:

Next Week Scheduled
• Designated Representatives Board page & Conferences library.
• Chinese, Italian, French languages pending...
• Server Power Upgrade (initial phase)
• TRON network group payouts merchant upgrade (in development).

🔸Please, expect short delays with the payout network confirmations ("In Work" status up to 6 hours) until Blockchain speeds up.

📢 Join Trusted Telegram Sources
(There are NO other links!)
@c12net (Official News & Updates)
@c12feed (All Video Reviews posted)
❓First time, having Questions?


May 18, 2023 09:44

📡 C12 Website is up, yet may be slow for some areas.

No need to inquire.
No need to ask support.
No need to report on it.

🔌Give it time, we are working on the server and need flexibility with the load.
This is technology, it needs it!

Exercise patience. 💎
Come back in an hour if cannot login, maintenance is ongoing.


May 18, 2023 09:47

109.72 USDT
2023-05-18 07:56:42


May 18, 2023 13:17

We had to undergo a short notice of maintenance yesterday for approximately an hour at 8 am UTC, in addition to a rapid finish of the server upgrade today that has caused some slowness on the website for certain areas of the web (10-15 mins).

Unfortunately, we cannot always predict when the code needs an overview, thus sometimes an instant action may be required.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. Our job is to keep you informed when possible! 🛠

We are aware of the market and how stressful it can be for the audience, however, with your uptime feedback and patience C12 team always shows experience in dealing with technology shifts on the go.

Our team strives to provide you with the best experience by constantly improving and making the C12 system stronger. All updates and website improvements are made during the business week and uploaded every Friday once tested.

Thank you for your tolerance and support.
Back at it again with full power!🔋


June 05, 2023 09:22

After a saturated week of optimizing the system load and accommodating hundreds of newcomers, we have finally cleared up the "In Work" queue operations and set the system well prepared for an approaching explosive Monday start! 🚀
If your "In Work" withdrawal request had been auto-canceled by the system, simply re-submit it again, we will process it in priority time ahead of schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As C12 has reached more than 50,000 users, with our telegram channel and offline audience growing rapidly, we are now opening 10 new positions for an official full-time Client Support. Experienced candidates may apply at andreas@

Thank you for all the trust and patience, we truly have the strongest community and we do appreciate you a lot!
Let's all prepare for breaking new records and establishing the C12 as an industry-dominating global Enterprise.
#100M #100K
Enjoy the Carnelian12 Vibe Audio-Theme!

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